the little quirks
Most people call me Mel which is short for Melissa. I'm a fairly private person, I tend to keep to myself. I live in the northeastern part of the US, I have 3 children and an assortment of hobbies. Much of my past time on the net revolved around free form, text based role-play, also know as RPG in some circles. I created and played a variety of characters, everything from a deaf old man to a unique immortal warrior. My imagination is still filled with images inspired by my past RPG experiences, some of which are reflected in my artwork.

I rode horses for about 14 years, skied and traveled all around the country. I love to read, I love food, and I cook a great deal. I am, without a doubt, happiest in the woods. There is something about the forest that makes me feel as if I have come home after a long journey. It might be my roots, since I am half Irish on my father's side, with a healthy dose of Native American tossed in from my mother's side.
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